5 Questions Coaching

Transformational / Transpersonal Coaching Model for Advanced / Established Coaches

5 Questions Coaching specialization course equips you in new deep coaching approach and is intended for advance coaches. It introduces you to a Transformational Coaching Model, which can be used both as an overall approach to coaching as well as a process for individual coaching sessions. Going beyond transactional coaching, the 5Q Coaching Model teaches you how to safely guide your clients into their unconscious, thereby facilitating the expansion of their abilities and allowing for a profound shift towards their most authentic being. This specialization course is for you if you are willing to let go of control, to dive deep and to learn how to hold space for the unknown in a coaching setting, trusting the wisdom of the unfolding in the here and now.

Important information

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Program dates

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You will experience:

  • profound personal and professional development as a coach and as a person
  • a series of exercises, demos and interventions that show you how to work with the unconscious, the shadow and the untapped potential of your client

You will get:

  • a practical transpersonal / transformational approach to your coaching that can be used with almost any topic related to personal growth, blockages, triggers, conflicts, etc.
  • a clear guideline on how to facilitate the process (Big Agenda / Small Agenda)


The specialization course consists of:

  • 3 days meetings (2 days + 1 day) in group of max 16 people, conducted by Anna Pyrek, coach MCC & trainer  and Kathrin Fox coach & trainer, co-creator of 5Q Coaching Approach
  • 1 individual supervisions (60 min.)
  • access to online materials, manual and demo video sessions

For whom?

  • Especially for coaches looking to deepen their practice during the PCC, MCC certification process
  • for practicing coaches, at ACC accreditation level and above,
  • for coaches who have at least 200 hours of practice



the price applies to the masterclass conducted in English

Principles / Premises

  • Mind-Body-Spirit is one holistic system.
  • There is nothing to fix, solve or heal. We are whole and perfect already.
  • Self-actualization is the process of moving beyond the conditioned operating system (autopilot) by unveiling who we already are on a more intrinsic level.
  • The goal of the process is not change or adding onto but rather peeling away, coming back home to oneself, thereby actualizing more of our innate potential.
  • Problems, blockages, triggers, emotions, conflicts and symptoms are not in the way, they are the way, pointing us towards a deeper truth and calling us ‚home’.
  • Everyone and all phenomena are interconnected on some level(s). How we perceive and relate to clients, influences their perceptions and capabilities in our presence.
  • Expanding our consciousness and making unconscious functioning conscious allows us to expand our perception of ourselves and the world, which in turn gives us more free choice in how to respond to life.
  • Our unconscious is not only an archive of unprocessed information but also a treasure box full of wisdom and creative potential.


Anna Pyrek

MCC ICF, Kingmakers™ Academy Program Director. For the last 15 years she has been conducting group coaching for management teams in large organizations and individual Executive
Coaching programs.

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Kathrin Fox

Executive Coach, Trainer. Worked with hundreds of leaders and senior managers across diverse industries and cultures, awakening soul-centred
& authentic leadership from within.
Fluent in English & German.

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Program coordinator

Agata Trzebińska

Kingmakers™ Academy Manager

+ 48 607 220 055

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