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Coaching sessions with Graduates

What challenges are you facing? What is important to you? What are your doubts & fears?
How do you plan your professional or private development? Who is supporting you in this?

Kingmakers™ Academy Coaches will ask you this and many other questions. We invite you to take advantage of this partnership for your development.
A Coach will support you, be on your side, have faith in your abilities and use curiosity to help you explore your strengths and talents.

This offer is for coaching sessions with a Coach undergoing training and who is preparing for certification.

Price and
basis of cooperation

60 zł


Payment for the coaching is made directly to a charity selected by your coach = 3 coaching sessions, 1 hour each

From the coach’s profile you will be redirected directly to the charity’s payment page. After making the payment, please send the confirmation to both the Kingmakers™ Academy Manager and the Coach.

You can either pay for your next sessions through our website (the process is the same as for the first session) or you can pay the coach directly – this can be decided directly with your coach.

Sessions with Graduates is one of ways we helps participants in our Experience Coaching program gain additional experience. This programme is open only to Graduates who have passed our internal exam and can call themselves Kingmakers™ Academy Coaches.

If you have any questions about Coaching Sessions with Graduates or you would like to be featured on this page as a coach, please contact the Kingmakers™ Academy Manager.

Agata Trzebińska

Agata Trzebińska

Kingmakers™ Academy Manager
+48 669 450 801

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