Website terms of use

Preliminary provisions

1. These Regulations define the terms of use of the Website (hereinafter referred to as the “website”), available at:

2. The entity operating the website and providing services electronically is Kingmakers Sp. z o.o. with its registered office in Warsaw at Chmielna 73 Street, 00-801 Warsaw, entered into the register of entrepreneurs of the National Court Register kept by the District Court for the Capital City of Warsaw in Warsaw, 12th Commercial Division of the National Court Register under KRS number 0000709298, NIP: 5213806327, REGON: 368996320. 12th Commercial Division of the National Court Register under KRS number 0000709298, NIP: 5213806327, REGON: 368996320.

3. Website user is defined as any person who uses it.

4. The website operates with the use of “cookie” technology. Rules for the use of “cookies” by Kingmakers Sp. z o.o. are included in the Cookie Policy available at:

5. Kingmakers Sp. z o. o. may also process personal data of Website users. Rules for the processing of personal data are included in the Privacy Policy available at:

Website terms of use

1. The website is supported by all types of web browsers.

2. 2. All rights to the website, including intellectual property rights to its name, internet domain, as well as templates, forms, educational articles, logos, banners and photos posted on the website belong to or are entitled to Kingmakers Sp. z o.o. Any materials made available via the website may not be reproduced or distributed in any form and in any manner in any fields of use, including copying, photocopying and digitization, including posting on the Internet, without the written consent of Kingmakers Sp. z o. o. maintaining information on copyrights or data regarding the author of the content, with the exception of materials marked with the phrase “Download”, which can be downloaded and used in accordance
with the law.

3. Users may use the website only in compliance with the Telecommunications Act, the Act on the Provision of Services by Electronic Means and the relevant provisions of civil law.

4. The user is obliged:

  • to refrain from copying, modifying, distributing, transmitting or otherwise using any content and databases made available on the Website, except for using them within the scope of permitted use;
  • to refrain from any attempts to enter harmful data into the IT system (malware including viruses, spyware, “bugs”, etc.);
  • to refrain from activities aimed at testing the possibility of breaking or bypassing the security of the Service Provider’s IT systems, as well as any other activities that lead to gaining unauthorized access to all or part of the Service Provider’s IT systems;
  • not to post works and content, including images, covered by the rights of third parties – without the consent or authorization of such persons;
  • not to post content that is prohibited by law or that violates decency, in particular any content of a pornographic nature, and not to post content that may violate the personal rights or property interests of third parties;
  • not to disclose login data to the services provided by the Service Provider to unauthorized persons.

5. Kingmakers Sp. z o. o. reserves the right to issue warnings, temporarily suspend and, ultimately, block Users who, despite prior warnings, violate the provisions of these Regulations, hinder the use of the website by other entities or violate the provisions of generally applicable Polish law.

6. Every user of the website may contact Kingmakers Sp. z o. o. by sending electronic correspondence to the e-mail address: or by traditional mail to the address of the headquarters of Kingmakers Sp. z o. o. indicated in § 1 point 2 of these regulations.

7. Kingmakers Sp. z o. o. reserves the right to carry out necessary maintenance work on the IT system that may cause temporary difficulties or prevent Users from using the services.

8. In special cases affecting the security or stability of the IT system, Kingmakers Sp. z o. o. has the right to temporarily discontinue or limit the provision of services, without prior notice, and to carry out maintenance works aimed at restoring the security and stability of the IT system.

9. Every user may send complaints regarding matters related to the use of the website to the following e-mail address:

10. In matters related to blocking (preventing) the User’s access to the possibility of posting content and comments on the website of Kingmakers Sp. z o. o. the User should send complaints to the e-mail address, within 7 (seven) days from the date of blocking (preventing) access. In the content of the complaint, the User should provide in particular their nickname and time and date of posting the content or comment.

11. Kingmakers Sp. z o. o. considers complaints within 7 (seven) business days of receiving the complaint, and this period may be extended by a maximum of another 14 (fourteen) days if the complaint requires a longer time to be considered. Kingmakers Sp. z o. o. will inform the User about the extension of the complaint consideration period, indicating the period by which the complaint consideration will be extended and the reason for the extension. Information about the extension of the complaint examination and the reason for it will be provided to the User before the expiry of the 7 (seven-day) period referred to in the first sentence of this point of the Regulations. If the submitted complaint contains deficiencies that make it impossible to consider it, Kingmakers Sp. z o. o., if it considers that it is necessary for the proper consideration of the complaint, immediately calls on the person making a complaint to supplement it, specifying a deadline of not less than 7 (seven) business days and the scope of this supplementation, with the instruction that failure to supplement the complaint within the specified period will result in the complaint being unrecognized. After the expiry of the deadline, the complaint will not be considered.

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