Agnieszka Cyniak

Coach, Manager, Consultant, EMCC Practitioner accreditation

I am an expert in accompanying people in the process of change, entering into a new role and discovering what is most beautiful in them while maintaining respect and partnership.

50 coaching hours. 100 hours of training. 150 hours of business consultations.
Has business experience in senior managerial positions. Worked mostly with sales teams, was actively involved and had an impact on creating and implementing company strategy as well as operational effectiveness. She contributed to the development and building a strong company presence on the market. Managed a team of several hundred people; led teams through many changes in process and strategy, including re-branding. She started her coaching practice in 2018. Is an ambassador of leadership and management based on business partnership and trust. Supports people in the process of change by working with their talents and strengths. She is great at time-management, appreciates task-based work with short-term and long-term tasks. She is passionate about areas of development and improving skills pertaining to relations and effectiveness of a team. She made it her mission to support people in building their confidence and accompany them in the process of change.

17 years of managerial experience in the HoReCa industry; managing a dispersed managerial structure, sales, quality management and operational efficiency, building the organizational culture (mission, vision, company strategy), leading teams through a process of change. She worked as a project leader, project team member, consultant, trainer and coach.


+48 606 717 690

Areas of expertise

  • Working with talents and strengths
  • Supporting managers in assuming new roles and building their new competences
  • Coaching management style
  • Management in the world of VUCA
  • Effectiveness in managing a multi-generational team
  • Managing conflict
  • Team efficiency and relationship building

Education, accreditations, professional qualifications

  • EMCC Global Individual Accreditation (EIA) and Professional Designation at Practitioner level
  • Certified Kingmakers™ Coach
  • Certified On-Board Coaching Coach
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